BeiDou Navigation Satellite System


The Chinese Delegation Attended the 12th International Navigation Forum in Moscow, Russia

Source: Writer: Edit: Date:27/04/2018

The 12th International Navigation Forum was held in April 24th-25th, 2018, at Moscow, Russia. Invited by Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities (ROSCOSMOS), Chinese representatives from China Satellite Navigation Office and its International Cooperation Center, China-Russia Working Group on Compatibility and Interoperability, and China-Russia Working Group on Joint Application attended this forum.

Moscow International Navigation Forum was hosted by Russia GLONASS/GNSS Forum, and supported by ROSCOSMOS. It is the largest and most professional satellite navigation forum in Russia. The navigation technology exhibition and Moscow International Navigation Forum were held at the same time. The main topic of this session was centered on “the development of satellite navigation system and the navigation applications and digital technology in the field of logistics under the new business model”. About 300 people from Russia and other countries attended this session’s Forum. a Discussions were centered on “Navigation equipment”, “Automatic network standards, legal and technical coordination”, “Navigation digital platform and big data” and other subjects. During the plenary session, Jiaqing Ma, Deputy Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, made a presentation titled “Development of  BeiDou Navigation Satellite System”, introducing the system construction, application status and international cooperation of BDS. 


Moreover, during the meeting, China Satellite Navigation Office also met with ROSCOSMOS and Russia GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association in this session, and coordinated for China-Russian satellite navigation cooperation matters. The relevant working groups will deploy and carry out work talks in accordance with annual work requirements.