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The First Overseas BDS Center is Officially Opened to Promote China-Arab Satellite Navigation Cooperation

Source: Writer: Edit: Date:10/04/2018
On the April 10th, 2018, a ceremony for the opening of the China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center was jointly held by China Satellite Navigation Office and Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization at Al Jazeera Science Park, Tunisia. The completion of this Centre is an important milestone to implement the Chinese President Xi's initiative of "Study the project of the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System landing in Arab ". This center is the first BDS center establish abroad, and is also an important link to speeding up the development of BDS services in the Arab League and even in the whole world.

Chengqi Ran, Director of the China Satellite Navigation Office, led a delegation to attend the ceremony. The delegation consists of 19 representatives from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), China North Industries Corp (Norinco), Beihang University, Wuhan University, BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory and other relevant organizations. Representatives from Deputy Secretary General of Arab League Secretariat, State Secretary for Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Secretary for Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Secretary General of Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization (AICTO), Arab League representative office in China, Chinese Embassy in Tunisia, and China Satellite Navigation Office and its international cooperation center, cut the ribbon together for the BDS/GNSS center at the opening ceremony. More than 30 important ministerial level officials and more than 200 representatives of enterprises and scientific research institutes from Oman, Algeria, Nigeria, Kuwait, Sultan, and Iraq,  attended the ceremony, while a BDS theme report and a BDS Center special report were presented They also visited the China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center. Fi ve Chinese experts were invited to give a 3-day satellite navigation training course for more than 40 Arab League students. 


China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center is a priority cooperation project whichis stated in the Memorandum of Cooperation on China-Arab Satellite Navigation, signed by China Satellite Navigation Office and Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization, and is jointly constructed and run by the International Cooperation Center of  China Satellite Navigation Office and Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization. The China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center integrates functions such as publicity and exhibition, application demonstration, testing and evaluation, education and training, and joint research. This center is a window to fully display the achievements of satellite navigation system development, and is also an open platform for comprehensively promoting international exchanges and cooperation. During the ceremony, the representatives of Arab League and African countries showed a strong interest in, and expressed their strong desire to use BDS as early as possible. All parties will make joint efforts to build the China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center as a model for China-Arab Cooperation, a bond of jointly construction and shearing of BDS, and a new engine for promoting technological innovation. 

The successful operation of the China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center will surely speed up the cooperation process of jointly construction and sharing BDS between China and Arab League, and will also contribute an important force to achieve the BDS goal of serving the world and benefiting mankind.