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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Family Will Pay Tributeto the UNISPACE+50 in Xi’an

Source: Writer: Edit: Date:25/06/2018
Year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Peaceful Use of Outer Space (UNISPACE). For 50 years, UNISPACE has worked to strengthen communication and cooperation in the field of satellite navigation and promoted the establishment of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG).


As the host country of the ICG-13 Meeting, China reached a consensus with the ICG Secretariat at UNOOSA and the core GNSS service providers to list the ICG-13 as a part of commemorations of the UNISPACE’s 50-year anniversary (UNISPACE+50). There will be a celebration during the ICG-13 on November 5th, 2018. At that time, the international global satellite navigation system family will gather in Xi'an to review the development history of ICG since its establishment, summarize the cooperation consensus and achievements, and look forward to the future development and vision to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the UNISPACE conference. 



The agenda of ICG-13 and the 21st meeting of Provider’s Forum. The celebration will be held at 10:00 on November 5th. 


In 1999, the UNISPACE Conference drafted the proposal to enhance cooperation and communication in satellite navigation field and encourage the application of GNSS. Six years later., the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) was set up in Vienna in 2005, which was  a milestone of the development of the UNISPACE. ICG has been playing an important role in promoting the compatibility and interoperability among satellite navigation systems and encouraging the applications of global satellite navigation during the 13 years, which formed a big family of GNSS.