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Announcement: Observational data from space weather payloads onboard BeiDou Navigation Satellites released

Source: Writer: Edit: Date:09/12/2019

To promote international cooperation on space weather research and applications, observational data from space weather payloads onboard BDS satellites are released. 


The data are provided by the payload team, and the specific definition of data sets can be found in the introduction files. In this batch, the observational data of Image Electron Spectrometer (IES) are released, which are observations of energetic electron distributions in the energy range of 50–600 keV on the satellite orbit. Subsequently, the space weather payloads onboard BDS satellites will conduct observational experiments continuously, and the data sets will be released on schedule. 


China Satellite Navigation Office 

December 9th, 2019 


Space Weather Payload(IES) Observation Data Onboard BDS_I2S Satellite


Annotation:The data and introduction files can download on BeiDou website, for more information, please contact us by email.