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Chinese delegation participates in the UN ICG-14 Meeting

Source: Writer: Edit: Date:09/12/2019

The 14th Meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) of the United Nations formally opens in Bangalore, India on December 8th, 2019. The meeting will last for six days Led by Mr. YANG Changfeng, the Chief Architect of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), the Chinese delegation with more than 50 representatives will attend the meeting. A BDS system update report is presented at the meeting. 


The meeting was hosted by Indian Space Research Organization. Representatives of the global and regional satellite navigation system providers, including China, the United States, Russia, European Union, Japan and Indian.  Other ICG members from Italythe United Arab Emirates and Australia, etc.,the ICG associate member or observers such as  International GNSS Service Organization (IGS), Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, International Aeronautical Association (FAI), etc., and invited observers such as United Nations Regional Centers for Space Science and Technology Education, Korea and New Zealand, etc., also participate the meeting. Delegates will exchange deep views on compatibility and interoperability, high-precision applications, and other hot topics in the satellite navigation field of the world. 


The Chinese delegation will participate in discussions of all related topics at this meeting, focusing on construction and operation, application promotion, international cooperation since the time when BDS start providing global services. The Chinese appeals and solutions, aiming at mid-orbit satellite search and rescue, space debris disposal, precise point positioning, and expanding application areas will be presented. These will positively contribute Chinese wisdom for the development of satellite navigation systems, and provide the Chinese plans for information and intelligent development in countries worldwide. 


As BDS plays a more and more important role in the field of the satellite navigation in the world, substantial progresses have been achieved on the cooperation and exchanges with other navigation satellite systems. The agreement on cooperation between the governments of China and Russia has taken effect formally. The Compatibility and interoperability of signals between BDS and GPS, and the frequency coordination between China and Europe have been continuously pushed forward. Since the successful hosting ICG-13 last year, China also held the Second China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum and the First China-Central Asia BSD Cooperation Forum respectively. At present, China is preparing the Satellite Navigation Forum of China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization. 


By the end of this year, the launch of all BDS-3 MEO satellites as well as the core constellation deployment of the BDS global system will be completed. Next year, BDS will be possess the full operational capability. As an important Chinese public service space infrastructure to the world, BDS will insist on the of construction, development and service concepts of "the Chinaonceptse fraworld"the Chinaoncepttop-class BDS", and will serve the world and benefit of mankind with more open attitude, stronger function, and higher quality services.