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The 11th China Satellite Navigation Conference Opens in Chengdu


The 11th China Satellite Navigation Conference will be held from November 23rd to 25th in Chengdu. This is the first large-scale satellite navigation exchange event held in the country after the BDS-3 Global Navigation Satellite System was completed and formally commissioned. With the theme of "Satellite Navigation, New Global Era", the conference will fully focus on the new situation, new characteristics and new requirements that BDS is facing in the new era of global services, and work with all parties to create a bright future for the BDS construction and development. Since the conference was held for the first time in 2010, the annual event has gathered domestic satellite navigation resources, assisted the overall development of the satellite navigation industry, and promoted the deep integration of the BDS industries, academia, research and users. The conference has gradually developed into a large-scale communication platform, integrating the BDS development in all dimensions, such as sciences and technologies, industrial technologies, and commercial technologies.  


This year’s conference will consist of five distinctive sections, including summit forums, academic exchanges, high-end forums, achievement expo, and science popularization events. More than 2000 top experts and scholars from the domestic satellite navigation field and outstanding talents in the industry will conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot topics, focusing on satellite navigation, core technologies and scientific issues of social concern, discussing global satellite navigation development plans, and promoting the vigorous development of world satellite navigation. 


In this conference, representatives of the satellite navigation system providers from China, the United States, Russia, Europe and other countries and regions will introduce the latest developments in their navigation satellite s ystems. Well-known experts and scholars from satellite navigation and related fields at home and abroad will conduct in-depth discussions on the themes of "science and technology" and "application and industrialization", and look into the new trends and new behaviors of BDS towards the intelligent networking of everything applications. 


During the conference, there will be an Application Industrialization Forum, a Policy, Regulation Standard and Intellectual Property Forum, a BDS Industrial Park Development Forum, a Satellite Navigation and Mobile Communication Coordination Development Forum, a BDS + Remote Sensing Integration Forum, a BDS + Intelligent Ecological Forum, a BDS + Manned Spaceflight Forum, the Sichuan Satellite Navigation Industrial Development Forum, a Sichuan Satellite Navigation Talent Training Forum and other 9 parallel forums, focusing on satellite navigation industry applications, navigation and location services, navigation signals and signal processing, satellite orbit and system error processing, space reference and precision positioning, time reference and precision timing, satellite navigation augmentation, test and evaluation, user terminals, PNT systems and multi-source integrated navigation, anti-jamming and anti-spoofingy, autonomous navigation and other 12+ professional topics for academic exchanges. 


In order to give full play to the academic evaluation role of the conference, to activate the academic atmosphere in the field of satellite navigation in my country, and to promote the development of BDS applied sciences, the prestige “BeiDou Award” specially established by the conference scientific committee will be awarded during the conference, together with other awards in the categories of academic, application, popular science,and media. The 11th China Satellite Navigation Achievement Expo will be held in parallel with the conference. Through interactions and exchanges among enterprises, academics, talenets and general public, the achievements of the BDS system construction and applications will be fully displayed. 


This year is the year of leapfrog development for BDS. On July 31, the BDS-3 Global Navigation Satellite System was officially completed and comissioned. BDS-3 successfully completed the "three-step" strategy and stood at a new starting point for the global construction and development. 


In 1994, China initiated the BDS construction. From the project demonstration to implementation, from dual-star positioning to a regional constellation, and then to serving the world, several generations of the BeiDou people lasted for nearly 30 years and came out of a satellite navigation development path with Chinese characteristics. A huge and complex space system, with the largest scale, the widest coverage, the highest service performance, and the most closely related to people’s lives in the country, has been built. As the first major space infrastructure in China to provide public services to the world, BDS has two major functions: navigation, positioning and communication, data transmission. It can provide 7 types of services, including positioning, navigation timing, global short message communication, regional short message communication, international search and rescue, satellite-based augmentation, ground-based augmentation, and precise single-point positioning. It is a powerful global navigation satellite system, with the positioning accuracy of better than 10 meters globally and even better in the Asia-Pacific region. BDS has fully been serving transportation, public safety, disaster relief, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, urban governance and other industries. BDS has been integrated into the national core infrastructure construction such as power, finance, and communications. A complete industrial chain integrating chips, modules, boards, terminals, operations and services has been built.Deeply integrated with new technologies such as next-generation communications, blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, BDS application models, new formats, and new economies continue to emerge. 


BDS is one of the four major global navigation satellite systems recognized by the United Nations. The compatibility and interoperability of BDS with other navigation satellite systems from the United States, Russia, and the European Union, as well as inter-system cooperation continue to deepen. BDS has successively joined many international organizations in the areas of civil aviation, maritime affairs, search and rescue satellites, and mobile communications. Many international standards supporting BDS have been released. At present, BDS related products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, providing services to over 100 million users. Adhering to the development concept of "the China's BeiDou, the world's BeiDou, and the first-class Beidou", China will build a more ubiquitous, more integrated, and more intelligent national integrated positioning and navigation timing system before 2035, and build a unified, unified benchmark, High-precision, high-intelligence, high-security, and high-efficiency spatio-temporal information service infrastructure. 


This conference is sponsored by the China Satellite Navigation Office, the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, the High-tech Development and Industrialization Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the System Engineering Department of the National Defense Science and Industry Administration , Department of Comprehensive Planning of the Ministry of Transport, Research and Production Department of the China Satellite Launching and TT&C General, China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Application Management Center, Major Science and Technology Mission Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China North Industries Group Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Provincial People's Government and Chengdu Municipal People's Government. The conference is organized by the Academic Exchange Center of the China Satellite Navigation Office.